Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

OpenFOAM v1812 Release Webinar

OpenFOAM v1812 Release Webinar

OpenCFD Ltd and the ESI Group have just announced that the 28th of February 2019 will be the day for the OpenFOAM v1812 release webinars. There will be two to cover most time zones at convenient times:

  1. 8pm 28th February 2019, Sydney (AEDT) – 10am Paris (CET)
  2. 4am 1st March 2019, Sydney (AEDT) – 6pm Paris (CET)

Registration is free and the webinar will be jointly presented by:

  1. Fred Mendonça, Director, ESI OpenFOAM Global Operations at ESI UK
  2. Matej Forman, Technical Consultant at Mecas ESI
  3. Roger Almenar, Manager OpenCFD at ESI GmbH

Three key areas to be covered in the webinar are:

  1. New features in v1812
  2. OpenFOAM Governance
  3. Highlights from the OpenFOAM Conference