Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

OpenFOAM Bootstrap Training


This course is designed to bootstrap your OpenFOAM experience. It provides an introduction to the core of OpenFOAM functionality, the linux systems that OpenFOAM runs natively on as well as accelrating your progession through OpenFOAM's steep learning curve.

This is the best way to jump start your OpenFOAM skilset.

Course Components

The general topics covered in this course include:

  • Background and developement of OpenFOAM itself
  • A crash course in Linux
  • OpenFOAM Solvers (AKA applications)

We then step through the process you need to run simulations:

  1. meshing and pre-processing CAD
  2. simulation, monitoring residuals
  3. post processing

What You Get

We provide you with all the course materials as a printed manual that we will work through and that you can store as a reference to aid your future work

Course Delivery

This is a two day course and ca be delivered in our classroom environment. We use state of the art facilities that are located in most Australian state capitals (as well as New Zealand) and for an all inclusive catered training course we charge $1650 (inclusive of GST) per person (subject to terms and conditions).

Alternatively, we can deliver this course at your site with some customisation to your needs. Indicative pricing for an onsite course in a major Australian or New Zealand city is $2200 (inclusive of GST) for a minimum of two (2) attendees (subject to terms and conditions).


While all prior knowledge will help you, no previous experience with OpenFOAM, Linux or C++ is required.