Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.


CFD-FASTRAN is the industry-leading commercial CFD software for aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic applications.

Aircraft Aerodynamics

Specifically designed to support the aerospace industry, it employs state-of-the-art multiple moving body capability for simulating the most complex aerospace problems including missile launch, maneouvering and staging, aircraft flight dynamics and store separation. These challenging applications are enabled by coupling a density based compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes flow solver with moving multi-body dynamics, generalized finite rate chemistry and thermal non-equilibrium modules.

CFD-FASTRAN is highly flexible which means you can employs state-of-the-art numerical and physical models, and advanced pre- and post-processing modules. It supports all grid technologies including multi-block structured, general polyhedral unstructured, Chimera/overset and adaptive Cartesian. It supports most of the commonly used data formats. Furthermore, CFD-FASTRAN works on all computer hardware/software systems. It is designed for parallel computing on high performance workstations and PC clusters. Applications

CAE plays a critical role in the development process of air- and spacecraft, where fast-paced change is the norm. Recent advances in CFD/Multiphysics technologies, coupled with the phenomenal increase in computing power over the last decade, have made it possible to routinely conduct simulations of complete aircraft configurations. This ability to model a complete aircraft system at desired flight conditions provides valuable data to enable faster and cheaper design and evaluation cycles and gives customers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

ESI Group provides high fidelity engineering analysis services and simulation software tools for a wide range of aeromechanics applications including:

  • General Aircraft
  • External Aerodynamics (Aero-elastics, Aero-acoustics, Aero-vibroacoustics, Flow Control, Control Surface Flutter, Icing, Nacelle/Inlet Duct Flow, Environmental Control Systems, Pumps, Hydraulic Systems, Fuel Systems, Wind Tunnel Correction/Support, Fire Suppression Systems, Thrust Reversers)
  • Military Aircraft (Store Separations, Bay/Cavity Flows, Maneouvring, Crew Escape Systems, Parachutes, Thrust Vectoring)
  • Rotorcraft (Rotor Dynamics)
  • Launch Vehicles (External Aerodynamics, Manoeuvring, Tank Phenomena, Aero-elastics, Aero-acoustics, Aero-vibroacoustics, Separation Events)
  • Spacecraft (External Aerodynamics, Re-entry Aerodynamics, Thrusters, Tank Phenomena, Environmental Control Systems, Thermal Control, Cryo-coolers)
  • Missiles/Weapons (External Aerodynamics, Maneouvring, Autopilot Control Systems, Thrusters, Sub-munition Separation, Control Surface Deployment, Stage Separation, Launch Systems)
  • Propulsion Systems (Propellers, Gas Turbine Flow, Gas Turbine Combustion, Solid Rockets, Liquid Rockets, Hybrid Rockets, Ramjets, Scramjets, Plume Signatures)

Success Stories

"Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) uses CFD-FASTRAN, density based Navier-Stokes solver coupled with finite rate chemistry model to capture flow and thermochemistry profiles of a highly under expanded jet. The Flow structures and Gas dynamic discontinuities, Barrel shocks, Mach disks and Shock diamond patterns were captured well. CFD-FASTRAN code was also used to simulate higher altitude effects on an under expanded jet at various altitudes and Flight Mach Number conditions. The continued technical support offered by ESI Group has been vital in completing the project within the scheduled time and cost which helped in the intelligent design of the experiments."

B. Kannan, Scientist, Propulsion Systems, Aeronautical Development Agency

ACE+ Suite modules

ACE+ Suite comprises of the modules which can be used solely, coupled or in conjunction with complimenting software.