Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.


CFD-VisCART is an adaptive Cartesian mesh generation system for use with the CFD-ACE+ and CFD-FASTRAN flow solvers. CFD-VisCART is ideally suited for extremely complex geometries such as underhood for automotive applications and full aircraft configurations for aerospace applications.

Underhood Cooling

CFD-VisCART is a highly robust and easy-to-use tool with powerful meshing capability. It easily handles imperfect geometries with holes, overlaps and cracks and offers solution-based adaptive mesh refinement for obtaining optimal mesh resolution.

The many benefits of CFD-VisCART include:

  • Automated, easy to use and learn grid generation process based on wizard methodology
  • Mesh based geometry import from STL (Stereo Lithography), Plot3D, NASTRAN, FAST, and other formats
  • Geometry creation and editing capability
  • Anisotropic Cartesian Grids for optimal resolution in x, y, or z direction li>A specialized polyhedral boundary layer mesh of zero (stairstepped), one, or N layers to resolve viscous boundary layers is supported
  • Geometry and/or solution based adaptive mesh refinement

ACE+ Suite modules

ACE+ Suite comprises of the modules which can be used solely, coupled or in conjunction with complimenting software.