Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.


Increase your productivity with electronic cooling simulation software

For years, industries have been moving towards to miniaturization of electronics- from cell phones to tablets and computers. The challenge then becomes keeping these consumer devices at a temperature suitable for human use.

ESI-PRESTO is a complete CFD analysis solution for the thermal management in the electronics industry that will help in the design of high-performance components and systems at the lowest cost.

Design Space Exploration

With ESI-PRESTO’s unique methodology, you can rapidly explore the design space, from the sensitivity of your solutions to variations in parameters- such as geometry, operating conditions or material properties- without the need for a large number of single-point solutions.

Go Beyond Single-Point Simulation

Non-Linear Multi-parameter Explorer: Get More Information from Simulation

ESI-PRESTO provides you with the most powerful way to explore the design space at the lowest cost. In a few simulations map the entire design space covering any number of design parameters. Visualize the response surfaces to make effective design decisions. Interpolate solutions to any combination of parameters in the design space for complete visualization and reporting. Maximize the design options with the least number of simulations – get more data, get it fast, design better products and processes.

Rapidly evaluate effects of changes in design variables

Sensitivity analysis provides a richer information set than a single-point solution. With ESI-PRESTO, you can evaluate values and their gradients for the selected parameter within the entire domain. Visualize the field of values at the defined value of the sensitivity parameter, the gradient of any quantity with respect to this sensitivity parameter, and the extrapolated values near the defined value of the sensitivity parameter.

CPU poweration

Easy to Use

  • Build, Set, and Run
  • Working seamlessly from start to finish under the same GUI: ESI-PRESTO’s graphical user interface and process flow have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The overall process is as simple as building the model, automatically generating meshes, setting design parameters, and running the simulation seamlessly and under the same GUI.
  • Save time
  • Use CAD objects directly in simulation: ESI-PRESTO allows you to create meshes on imported CAD objects, or on their simplified representations. This saves a substantial amount of time when moving from CAD to solution. You can import data in STEP, STL, and CGNS formats.
  • Import PCB and Substrate data for better accuracy: ESI-PRESTO’s new ODB++ import capability allows you import and simulate the effects of traces and vias more accurately using the proprietary 1D structures in 3D simulations. This retains the accuracy of the trace and via distribution but is faster to solution than any method to handle the details of copper in the substrate structures. And it is easy!