Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)

Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) Solution for Full Virtual Testing

Today, manufacturers are required to comply with numerous international Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulations. Hence complying with EMC standards in the early design stage is highly desirable. Digital EMC makes it faster and cost-effective.

ESI offers unique electromagnetic simulation software solutions for specific industries including Transportation, Aeronautics, Defense and Electronics.

ESI’s CEM One operates in the middle and high frequency range. Being mainly time-domain oriented, it focuses on EMC/EMI issues appearing in a wide spectrum with onboard electronics and complex cable networks. CEM One is also able to handle frequency-domain as well, for Active Safety and RADAR devices.

CEM One EM fields example

Acquisition of Efield Solutions

Efield Solutions is primarily frequency-domain oriented with additional time-domain features, making the overall solution complete.

In the Transportation industry, Efield Solutions solves all major scenarios such as antenna radiation, placement and/or optimization and rear or side window antenna designs.

For other industries such as Aeronautics and Defense, the consolidated solution now offers the same coupling and/or hybridizing strategy, extending it much beyond its previous limits with larger models, higher operating frequencies, and more sophisticated scenarios, taking electromagnetic simulation and modeling one step further.