Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Cyber Defense rely on accurate information. But this information is hidden somewhere in your logs, in your network traffic, in a machine’s behavior or even on peripherals such as printers.

To help you get to that precious data, the INENDI platform provides tools to investigate.


ESI INENDI is a unique solution geared towards the Analysis and Investigation of large volumes of logs.

ESI INENDI addresses a need most companies still fail to meet while handling their Big Data and Complex Data: extracting the most valuable information from their own data. In most cases, this valuable information being sought out is an unknown feature that needs to be discovered in a fast and efficient manner.

The INENDI platform allows for a genuinely interactive investigation process with large datasets. When one cannot rely on an automated process to isolate valuable information, the INENDI approach becomes the best strategy to success: Investigate, Envision, Discover!

Cyber Security is a prime example of this type of situation. Of course a variety of equipment and software can be used to protect a company’s assets and IT Infrastructure in an automatic and real-time manner. However, it is no secret that such automated rule-based, pattern-based or behavior-based protections do not cover 100% of the Cyber Risk.

Today, most advanced Cyber Security Experts rely on a human’s ability to investigate, connect the dots and discover unknown threats and forms of attacks. That is why INENDI Inspector, the log analysis solution of INENDI, is a must have complementary tool to reach the Cyber Security objective.



ESI MINESET is the complementary solution to ESI INENDI, which allows for subsets of interest found within INENDI to be processed further using Machine Learning algorithms to seek out patterns and trends within the data