Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

VAOne Hands on Webinar for Rail

VAOne Hands on Webinar for Rail

ESI are running a free online hands-on webinar in English to apply VAOne and ESI’s Vibro-acoustic suite to predict the interior and exterior acoustic performance of rail rolling stock. It is scheduled for 24th September 6:00pm AEST with registration available online.

Increasingly the acoustic performance of rolling stock, both passenger and goods, are becoming the subject of rigorous acoustic targets. Passenger compartments are promoted environments where designers must meet interior noise and speech clarity targets. Exterior noise becomes an important environmental issue due to Pass By Noise levels from high speed trains and radiated noise from goods wagons and slower passenger trains.

Productivity is also a key stimulus driving the need for low noise / vibrations environments in driver’s cabins to obtain optimal results from employees.

In addition, passenger comfort related to noise sources in rail compartments can arise from engine noise or a combination of electric motor and hydraulic noise, flow induced excitation or HVAC sources. Acoustic leaks can also be a significant noise source.

Visibility is an important consideration in terms of passenger cabins to designers to raise passenger satisfaction, which means a high proportion of glass in the construction and addition concerns about diffraction.

The webinar will showcase ESI Vibro-Acoustics and End to End solutions for the Rail Industry covering both interior and exterior acoustics will be presented along with the associated benefits arising from the capability to make critical decisions early in the design cycle.

As always if you’d like more information please contact us.