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ESI-VSS - Living Space, Posture & Comfort

Living Space, Posture & Comfort

ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS) predicts the exact posture of the passenger in the seat by accounting for the deformation of the seat, the interaction between the seat and the passenger, as well as the passenger’s physical reaction. This complete and accurate simulation of the passenger’s posture is used to calculate the living space or evaluate seat comfort for different passenger anthropometries.

Living Space, Posture & Comfort

Read the paper about case study done with Zodiac Seat - "Predict Passenger Comfort in Aircraft Cabin to Improve Seat Design".

Living Space

Living Space

Based on the passenger’s exact posture, VSS allows you to predict living space, as defined in standards like the EN4723, and easily conduct analyses supported by dedicated functionalities.

Posture and Seating Comfort

Posture and Seating Comfort

With Virtual Seat Solution, virtually test several passenger postures in different seat configurations and for several passenger anthropometries.

Pressure Mapping for several positions

Pressure Mapping during different flight time: Take-off, turbulence, landing.

Using a set of scalable comfort human models (included), Virtual Seat Solution can evaluate seat comfort performance through pressure mapping with integrated and customizable comfort criteria. Thus, seat engineers can evaluate discomfort for several anthropometries and easily compare seat variants.

The end result we achieved thanks to ESI's Virtual Seat Solution is what we believe to be the best-in-class comfort, which is one of the most important elements for the occupant.

Jeff Krueger, Director of Product Development, Global Seating Systems, USSC Group

Read the full story.

Lumbar support

Mechanical or pneumatic lumbar support can be integrated into the virtual seat prototype to check and optimize the effect of the actuation of this system on the occupant.

Watch how Lear used this.

Dynamic Comfort

Using one single core model of the seat, Virtual Seat Solution can predict seat transfer function for an occupied seat. Consistent chaining of occupant seating and vibration test ensures predictive seat transfer function evaluation.

Thermal Comfort

Virtual Seat Solution can test virtually the thermal comfort of seat passengers in the cabin environment concerning temperature, humidity, ventilation, and well-being. You are able to analyze the seating of the passenger and the heat exchanges between the passenger, seat and cabin environment.

Human models library

Human models library

Human models, embedded in Virtual Seat Solution, from different anthropometries and populations are available, such as 5th, 50th, 95th percentile human models – developed initially for automotive industry through a partnership with HYUNDAI Motor Company.

The detailed definition of all human articulations and the validated flesh properties enable inner stresses and contact pressure distribution.

Aeronautical Seat Applications

VSS Application Areas