Flow visualisation of a cavitating hydrofoil as part of a preliminary test validation study for a large numerical and physical research project.

ESI-VSS - Automotive Whiplash Simulation

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With ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS), virtual safety tests are completely reliable thanks to accurate seat modeling as well as realistic seating of the dummies.

Standard protocols like EuroNCAP, JapanNCAP, ChinaNCAP and IIHS are fully embedded in VSS making the virtual certification of each design iteration easy and affordable.

Chaining of Seating & Sled Test

“Seat crash performance must be evaluated with the occupant seated in a realistic position. Being able to predict the exact sitting posture of the dummy with ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution, has improved the accuracy of crash and safety prediction. It is a big step towards decreasing the number of real prototypes we have to build and test.”

Mr. Okano, Manager of CAE Evaluation Section, Test Engineering Department, TACHI-S

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Automotive Seat Applications

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